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How to make a bespoke Christmas jumper

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Your guide to creating a Bespoke Christmas Collection for your brand

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As we are forever in the Christmas spirit here at British Christmas Jumpers we have designed a step by step guide on how to design your very own custom Christmas jumper.
Whether you are a designer, a buyer or from a promotional house this article will give you a good idea of the overall process from start to finish topped with some extra festive tips and tricks on how to create the perfect custom Christmas jumper for your brand or customers

Step 1- The Idea...? The Campaign...? The Amplifier...?

Social Media Competition...? Charity Fundraiser...? Influencer or PR Campaign? In-Store Christmas Uniforms...? Staff Christmas Party...? User Generated Content Campaign?

These are some of the innovative ways brands have used and amplified their marketing by using Bespoke Christmas Jumpers

AbFab xmas jumper
(Above) Absolutely Fabulous the movie Christmas jumper in support of Macmillan. Featuring Jessica Alba and Kelly sawyer wearing the Ab-fab Christmas jumper (bottom left) and the original Patsy and Edie - Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders flaunting their bespoke jumper (bottom right)


Step 2 - The Products and Design

We can design and knit jumpers, beanies, scarves, hot water bottle covers, santa sacks, stockings, and even gift packaging for your clients.

Help for Heroes Christmas Jumper

Here at our knitwear factory in Leicester we like to make the design process as simple as possible for you, which is why we have a selection of jumper templates we can send to you for customisation or alternatively our experienced designers can design on your behalf.

We also accept sketches, as demonstrated below by Vimto, or if you are a Adobe Photoshop pro or an experienced designer we also happily accept CAD drawings and spec sheets.
how to make a custom christmas jumper vimto christmas jumper sketchVimto's original design sketch (top right), followed by the finished bespoke Christmas jumper (bottom left) featuring the Facebook competition and promotional giveaway campaign (bottom right)


Our bespoke knitwear design service

Alongside transforming your artwork into a 3D reality our experienced design team offers a custom design service. We endeavour to create a Christmas jumper which will match your every expectation and end customer goals.


Step 3- Understanding Knitwear Gauges 

  • We have different machines which knit at different 'thicknesses' so deciding the gauge which is the 'chunkiness' of the fabric you would like is important to the design. 

  • What does knitwear gauge mean...? Knitwear gauges refer to number of needles in one inch on our machines.

  • A good way of understanding gauges is to think of it like this… 12 gauge means 12 needles are needed to knit 1 inch of fabric. So, these needles are very fine and produce fine gauge knitwear. Here’s another example, we also have 7 gauge machines, which means 7 needles are needed to produce 1 inch of fabric resulting in a more ‘chunky’ knit than a 12 gauge piece of knitwear

  • We find 7 gauge jumpers are good for brands with more structured branding, and 12 gauge for brands with more artistic branding
what do knitwear gauges mean, how to design a bespoke Christmas jumperGourmet Burger Kitchens' custom Christmas jumper example (top left) and England Rugby's 12 gauge bespoke Christmas jumper example (top right) followed by close up detail of 7 gauge Gourmet Burger Kitchen Christmas jumper (bottom left) and close up detail of a 12 gauge England Rugby Christmas jumper (bottom right).


    Step 4- Choosing colours for a knitted jacquard pattern

    When designing a Christmas jumper, something to bear in mind is that in a jacquard design (jacquard is a knitting term for a design pattern) our machines can only knit a maximum of 3 colours per row, and a maximum 5 colours overall.

    Gourmet burger kitchen Christmas jumper jacquard example
    Example of a jacquard pattern in knitwear


    Step 5- 3D Knitwear CAD

    Once we have received your concept our in-house design team work their magic by producing a beautiful 3D CAD for your consideration, on approval we will then proceed to a knitted sample.

    England rugby bespoke custom Christmas jumper 3D Shima Seiki CAD
    (Above) 3D knitwear CAD simulation of the England Rugby bespoke Christmas jumper (right) and Christmas accessories including bespoke beanie hat and scarf and custom hot water bottle (left)


    Step 6- Bespoke back neck labels

    We can source your branded back neck labels on your behalf. Just check out our examples below....

    Bespoke back neck label for custom Christmas jumper

    Examples of bespoke back neck labels which we design and source for you as part of our complete package.


    Step 7- Lead-times

    Even with a simple sketch we can provide your brand with a design and sample within 7 to 14 working days. Production lead times are 6 - 8 weeks for orders placed before September.


    We hope that this article has given you an understanding how to curate your own Christmas Collection! So, enjoy and get creative! And we look forward to working on your designs with you soon!

    To start your design journey please contact Bhavik Master at or on +44 (0)116 402 9993

    Here are some examples of our happy customers!

    #Abfabxmas absolutely fabulous the movie bespoke Christmas jumper as worn by Jessica Alba

    (Above) Absolutely Fabulous the movie Christmas jumper in support of Macmillan cancer support. Featuring Jessica Alba and Kelly sawyer wearing the Ab-fab Christmas jumper (bottom left) and the original Patsy and Edie - Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders flaunting their bespoke jumper (bottom right)

     Gourmet burger kitchen Christmas jumper 2016 press coverage bespoke Christmas jumper marketing campaign  

      (Above) Gourmet Burger Kitchens Bespoke Christmas was featured in the Metro (top right) and Time Out London as part of their custom GBK Christmas jumper giveaway promotion at the London Soho restaurant 

    Corporate custom Christmas jumper day marketing campaign Bolton news
    (Above)'s colleagues looking extra festive in their bespoke Christmas jumpers at the Bolton head office- as featured in the Bolton News (left), ready for Christmas jumper day in support of save the children.

    SMEG corporate workplace bespoke Christmas jumper day, twitter Christmas jumper marketing save the children christmas jumper day
    (Above) Smeg UK head office looking great in their bespoke Smeg themed Christmas jumpers in support of save the children UK for Christmas jumper day!

    Help for heroes bespoke christmas jumper and accessories custom Christmas gift set
    (Above) Help for Heroes bespoke Christmas jumper and Christmas gift set

    Live nation Download festival and  Metallica Christmas jumper, bespoke Christmas jumper
    (Above) Bespoke Download festival Christmas jumper and custom Metallica 'scary xmas' Christmas jumper made under license for Live Nation

    Our knitwear factory Leicestershire, England
    Knitwear manufacturer Leicester UK bespoke Christmas jumper factory

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