It seems the whole of humanity have been obsessed with the idea of a white Christmas for generations, in particular Britain’s – well, we are notoriously obsessed with the weather anyway. When you break it down and think about it why are we obsessed with this freezing cold fluffy white stuff falling from the sky that is actually quite inconvenient for everyday activities. We are actually a lot more likely to see snow from January to March than we are in December.

But, that doesn’t seem to stop us. For the most of us (with the exception of Australia and those down under), snow is synonymous with Christmas. Of course, this idea is supported by the vast amount of Christmas cards, decorations, and calendars all featuring a white Christmas. It is no exception here at British Christmas Jumpers based in Leicester, that we to believe that a snow = Christmas. An array of our sweaters features beautiful snow filled scenes of a white Christmas.

british christmas jumpers

For me, this screams Christmas, and it also makes it more versatile so you can continue to wear your jumper in the colder months following Christmas. Pair your festive jumper with a skirt, thick woollen tights and a pair of boots and you will be decked out for the post-Christmas blues and chill of the cool winter breeze. For those who don’t feel like wearing a skirt, that’s ladies or gents, then add a pair of dark acid wash jeans with a thick scarf and chunky boots. If we are lucky enough to get Snow, then the boots will be perfect for ploughing through (though let’s be real, it will probably only be a centimetre or two).  

British Christmas sweaters

Our Christmas in London is a wonderful edition to your Christmas wardrobe. London just so happens to be one of my favourite places in the world, but London at Christmas time? Now we’re talking about a whole new level excitement. It’s just so ascetically pleasing. The old traditional buildings, and cobbled streets mixed with the modern architecture and extravagate ‘show off’ lights, that’s all I used to look forward to as a child (and still do as an adult)

womens xmas sweatermens xmas sweater

Whether (or should I say whether) you have a white Christmas or not, all of us over at British Christmas Jumpers in Leicester hope you have a magical time and enjoy every minute of it.

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