Kid's Christmas Jumpers

Kid's Christmas Jumpers

In November of this year we launched our British Christmas Jumpers kids range. So, now the whole family can enjoy a jumper this year. From a festive wardrobe staple to a fun Christmas present, you will be sure to find your little one the ideal jumper from our collection. Imagine all being sat around by the Christmas tree snuggled up in your festive sweaters. We thought we would show you the styles we have available for this year…



Pink Deer Jumper

Girls kids pink deer christmas sweater

The first of our girl’s jumpers is our ‘Pink Deer Jumper’. This fun pretty pink sweater takes a twist on traditional festive colours and sprinkles it with girly pastels and Christmas patterns. This jumper is ideal for any little one with a love of all things Christmas and all things pink.

 Girls Roll Neck Christmas Jumper

girls roll neck winter Christmas jumper

The second jumper is the Girls Roll Neck. This stylish festive sweater with a classic cosy roll neck is the ideal winter wardrobe warmer, as well as making the perfect Christmas gift. Featuring two fun dancing reindeer and a Nordic design the jumper remains Christmassy while still being completely adorable and practical through those colder months.


Boys Cosmic Christmas Jumperlittle boys kids cosmic Christmas jumper

The first of our boy’s jumpers is our Cosmic sweater. Featuring an array of youthful Christmassy colours and a lightweight cosy fabric, this sweater is ideal throughout the whole of the winter season. The subtle festive colours mixed with the jacquard design means that your little boy will get the most out of his Jumper.

 Boys Deer Xmas Jumperboys deer jacquard children's Christmas sweatshirt

The second of our boy’s collection is our Deer Xmas Jumper.  This jumper adds a touch of Christmas spirit through the deer and the snowflakes yet still remains wonderfully practical throughout the less festive months. This jumper is an essential for brightening up that horrible deary January.

 Boys Stag Christmas Jumperboys black christmas stag pullover

The third of our jumpers is our Boys Stag Christmas Sweater, which believe it or not features stags. This simple, warm festive number is ideal as it can be dressed up or dress down and can be worn through Christmas and beyond. This sweater brings in a pinch of style to a novelty jumper so your little boy can be right on trend (while sill remaining youthful and cute) this season.

 Boys Triple Deer Xmas Jumperkids reindeer christmas jumper

Nothing screams Christmas vibes like an iconic reindeer. This black and red boy’s knit features Santa’s trusty reindeer ready to help Santa deliver all his Christmas presents! The black and white mixed with the contrasting red really makes this sweater stand out while remaining youthful and fantastically festive.

Boys Little Boxes

little boys boxes xmas sweater

How about combining everything kids know and love about Christmas into one jumper. Well, that’s what we did! Our boy’s little boxes Christmas sweater is simply adorable. This beautiful cosy knit screams Christmas spirit while still being warm and practical, of course.

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