Our top tips for getting out of that grump and getting into the festive spirit. 

Christmas sweaters england


1. Sing and dance to your favourite Christmas album

Put on those classics that remind you of your childhood and prepare to sing and dance like nobody is watching. 

2. Eat a mince pie

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. Nothing screams Christmas like a good old mince pie.

3. Dress to impress

Stick on your Christmas sweater from British Christmas Jumpers and go about your day like the full festive fashionista that I know you are.

4. Go see the lights

I would usually take a trip to London and drive around while looking at the Christmas lights but they've gotten a bit rubbish with all the advertising, ah capitalism. But, I am sure you have a local house where they just go completely over the top and the whole 'more is less' rule just goes out the window. 

5. Watch a Christmas film

Again, pretty self-explanatory, unless you are one of these people who will watch Christmas films all year round then a good cozy up on the sofa with your favourite Christmas film should do the trick. 

6. Relax – candles on, Christmas tree lights ... and breathe..

This time of year gets pretty stressful and hectic no matter what sector you work in so be sure to take some time to relax and recharge. We recommend popping a nice Christmas scented candle on with the Christmas tree lights and just take 5 (or 50) minutes to yourself.

7. Bake

Bake a nice gingerbread house to decorate or simply bake some gingerbread men if you're not gifted in the arts of baking. Or, if you really really are not gifted in the arts of baking, like myself,  then buy the ready made stuff and decorate it. 

8. Organise a secret Santa

With your friends, work colleagues, family or your pets? Secret Santa is a great way to have a good laugh. 

9. Have a Christmas get together – feat Christmas jumpers

Plan a themed get to together whereby everybody has to wear their Christmas jumpers. This is a great way to reach out to people you may not have seen for a while in a fun and relaxed setting.

10. Write a Christmas list – you’re never too old

It doesn't matter how old you are Christmas lists are always a must. It also saves a lot of stress for your loved ones when they are wracking their brains trying to figure out a gift for you. 


British Christmas Sweaters

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