Our Eco Range - Christmas Jumpers made from 100% Recycled Materials

Leading the way in sustainability, we are proud to offer Christmas jumpers knitted from 100% recycled yarn.

Made from post-consumer waste cotton and locally recycled plastic bottles, our blend of cotton and polyester creates a lovely fabric with a super soft handle, ensuring a quality garment, whilst also saving the planet.

By using waste cotton and polyester we avoid water intensive conventional cotton farming and save thousands of plastic bottles from ending up in landfill and the ocean.
"Britons’ love of novelty Christmas jumpers is helping to fuel the world’s plastic pollution crisis, a report has warned." - The Guardian, Dec 6th 2019.

We firmly believe in the spirit of Christmas and the joy that it brings to millions of people, but this should not come at the expense of the planet that we call our home.

Join the recycled revolution and do your bit to eliminate the plastic waste caused by “single wear” Christmas jumpers.