The T-Rex Project - 2022

  • Holiday Roar: Styling a T-Rex in Seasonal Splendor

    As the festive season draws near, our dedicated team at British Christmas Jumpers embarks on a delightful and extraordinary task: adorning the Natural History Museum's legendary animatronic T-Rex with an enormous, specially crafted Christmas jumper

    The essence of our yearly Christmas jumper celebration extends beyond simply spreading festive cheer. It's an opportunity for us to contribute positively to our community and support the remarkable efforts of the Natural History Museum. And honestly, who can resist the sight of a T-Rex sporting a festive jumper?

  • Behind the Scenes

    Embark on a rare adventure as we go through the exclusive backdoor of the Natural History Museum.

  • Greeting Our Majestic T-Rex

    Extend a warm 'Hello' to our incredible, roaring friend at the museum.

  • Sprucing Up Rex

    Carefully clean and prep Rex for his festive outfit, ensuring we stay off his menu!

  • Jumper Perfection

    Making final adjustments to ensure Rex's jumper fits just right, adding that festive flair.

  • Rex in His Festive Best

    Admiring our T-Rex, who's now looking dapper and ready for the holidays

  • Human-Sized Festivity

    Check out the matching human-sized jumpers available in the Museum Shop – perfect for taking a piece of this holiday magic home!